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Not Deer in Maine?

Not Deer are just what their name implies, not deer. At first glance they look like deer, but then something's just not right, perhaps more than something. Their proportions are not quite right, their coats are rough, and their eyes, if you can see them, are forward facing like a predator. And unlike deer, Not Deer have no fear of humans, sometimes inching closer and closer, as if stalking you, something a prey species like deer definitely shouldn't do. They move in an odd uncomfortable way with jerky movements, and I'm told, they make whistles and clicks. If you see a Not Deer it's best to back away, go inside if you can, and forget all about them if you are able.

These folk cryptids appear to be a quite modern arrival to the United States. I'm not sure if Not Deer are found in Maine, thus far they are mostly reported from the Southern Appalachians, Virginia especially. And I think I'm okay with that, but please do let me know if you have heard tell of a Not Deer in New England.

Image by Christopher Packard & DALLE-2 generator

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