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The Accursed Huntsman - Book Review

The Accursed Huntsman by Douglass Hoover is just the kind of unique character driven novel I love. It’s the story of a team of misfits assembled by an eccentric treasure hunting millionaire to search for a mysterious archeological treasure in the wilds of Nova Scotia. On its surface it’s an action packed tale of wilderness adventure and suspense with a full cast of believable flawed characters. But it’s garnished heavily with some light horror, magical realism, and character intrigue. I love the mythic elements of this story but what makes this a great book is the cast of dynamic characters - especially Jack, Margaret, and Greg who couldn’t be more different as they struggle with regret and redemption. On par with the story, this self published book is flawlessly edited and perfectly produced. Hoover is easily one of Maine’s best indie writers, I can’t wait for his next book.

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