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The Loveland Frogman

I’m always shocked at how few people have heard of the Loveland Frogman - one of my favorite cryptids, let me introduce you! This three-foot tall magical, amphibious humanoid lives in and around the Little Miami River just north of Cincinnati, Ohio. The first recorded sighting was in 1955 and then periodically ever since; like most cryptids they keep to themselves and are mostly nocturnal. Many have wondered why they are seen crossing the road, I figure it’s probably because he loves Cincinnati Chili and was having a night out. A frog and his family have to eat after all. Loveland, the Little Miami, and Cincinnati Chili are all near and dear to my heart and I’m happy to bring these all together in my sketch. Hope you enjoy too!

Mothman has nothing on the Frogman. Frogman remains the king cryptid of the Ohio River Valley.

Art by Christopher Packard

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