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Angel at the Battle of Mons - Veterans Day

Do you know the story of the Angels of the Battle of Mons? I’d like to share a legend to commemorate Veterans Day and all who serve. In August of 1914, in the early days of World War I, it was the first major push of the British Army into Belgium. They met fierce opposition and were heavily outnumbered by the occupying German forces. Despite this, our British allies rallied and achieved the seemingly impossible feat of throwing back the Germans and forcing them to retreat. This morale victory paved the way for the eventual British and American victory in WWI.

In the days following this battle it was reported across Britain that prayers from the soldiers had summoned spiritual aid which allowed them to defeat the British. Many reports were printed that a line of shimmering spirits had arrived and fought alongside the British, placing themselves between the British and their enemies. Some accounts were that the spiritual host was a line of ghostly medieval archers returned from the Battle of Agincourt, during the Hundred Years War, when the same company of (then living) bowmen helped a badly outnumbered British force defeat the French. Some of these accounts reported that many of the German casualties at Mons had arrow wounds and that the company of spirit archers was led by St. George the Dragonslayer himself. Other accounts reported that instead of archers a host of luminous clouds or angels descended upon the Germans.

Whatever the case may be, thank you to all who have served our cause in the military! May those currently in the armed services be protected and safe. And may the stories and legends aid, nourish, and heal you, and all Veterans, in times of need. May the spirits or angels protect you and bring you home safe just as the angels did the soldiers at the Battle of the Mons.

Image credits: Angel of Mons - Steve Baxter via Pexels Bowmen of Mons - Illustrated London Times, 1915

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