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Maine's Dingbat

Have you ever heard of the dingbat? These mysterious creatures are best known for frustrating deer hunters by snatching bullets out of the air and for drinking the gasoline from trucks they find in the woods. Mostly known from Wisconsin, I’ve recently collected a Maine Guide story about dingbats in the central Maine lumber woods. Here they rarely have time to annoy hunters or dine on their favorite food, “gasoline seasoned with bullets,” as they are locked in a battle with their nemesis, the fearsome catawampus. These two square off across gravel woods roads and throw rocks at each other, hearing these rocks strike the bottom of your truck or car is a sure sign of their presence, it’s best to keep moving and steer clear of these fights. Do you have any stories of the dingbat or the catawampus? Or any other creatures like them? If so, I’d love to hear them!

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