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Researching "Mythical Creatures of Maine"

In case you wonder what went into writing a book like “Mythical Creatures of Maine,” here is a picture of my personal library on the subject and a briefcase filled with printed and copied pages of library and internet sources and documents. Years of research went into writing it so that you won’t have to find and read all of the works that stand behind this one - well over 100 of them. I also had many great conversations with people about their recollections and stories of these creatures, and I'd always love to have more of those. This truly is an exhaustive compilation of the folklore of mysterious creatures and beings found in Maine and surrounding New England and Canada.

In the form of an illustrated field guide, it examines all aspects of over 40 mysterious creatures in Maine. Creatures include modern cryptids like Bigfoot though mostly it focuses on older, more culturally specific myths and legends from lumberjacks, guides, sailors, early European immigrants, and the indigenous Wabanaki. Knowing the ancestral stories of the land is key to developing a sense of place. This book is dedicated to sharing some of these stories of our deep history in a respectful way. It also highlights the interplay between cultures and the evolution of the stories and names of these creatures. I think you will find it is truly the only book of its kind.

“Mythical Creatures of Maine: Fantastic Beasts from Legend and Folklore” is available for pre-order or wherever fine books are sold on 9/1/2021, Preorder a signed copy:

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