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The Allagash Ghost Trains

The wilderness can hide a lot of secrets - ghost trains and old rusted steam machines are all that are left of once thriving Lumberwoods boom towns of Northern Maine. If you listen you can still hear the ghosts and their stories.

Last week my son and I paddled 79 miles down the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. We saw lynx and moose and a million beautiful things. But what struck me most was how big the wilderness is and how easy it is for a host of creatures and mysteries to hide out there. The lumberjacks knew about these creatures and feared them - speaking of them in hushed tones on the deacon’s seat in their bunkhouses at night. Falling prey to them in lonely woods. My new book “Mythical Creatures of Maine” is a guide to the monsters and beings that lurk in these empty in between places. They’re all around if you know what you are looking for!

“Mythical Creatures of Maine” is available from Down East Books on September 1 - pre-order today wherever fine books are sold.

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